Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy the photographic journey that awaits within.

I am a native Welsh speaker who, due to accident of birth in Stretford can claim legitimate allegiance to Manchester United Football Club. This dual nationality also allows for me to proudly support the Land of my Fathers in rugby, England in cricket and both Wales and England in soccer. How convenient is that ?!

Following an accident of a different sort that cut short my teaching career some years ago I have struggled to cope with the legacy of frustrating side effects the injury engendered. Long walks in the countryside, with Eric my dog, was one way in which I tried to alleviate the problems. In 2003, two years after Eric's arrival, my wife, Barbara, gave me a digital camera. I found that landscape photography and walking complemented each other well, the former giving a greater sense of purpose to my rambles.

I have owned many cameras during my lifetime. The first was a Russian made Exacta SLR, bought for my twenty-first birthday by my sister in 1969. Sadly, I never really got to grips with this model - probably due to insufficient attention to technique. I think the next model was a Mamiya rangefinder which I found much more accommodating and forgiving of my tendency to just point and shoot. I had several other compacts after the Mamiya's regrettable demise before acquiring a few of Canon's film SLR's from the late seventies, up to and beyond the Millenium.

The use I made of them probably did little to justify the expenditure. They were utilized for the most part to record my children's birthdays, family events, days' out and holidays. However, I knew then, just as I did in my early childhood when I marvelled at the geographical sights that illustrated my encyclopaedias, that beautiful landscapes held me in thrall. The bottom line was that family commitments, work and other conflicting interests limited the time I had available for serious photography.

No such excuse nowadays. Therefore, for the last six or seven years, I have been trying to acquire sufficient knowledge, technique and skill to make my photography something more than a therapeutic hobby. I am striving, I suppose, for something other than a pictorial catalogue of places visited but what that may be is difficult to define. I guess that my aim is to develop my visual awareness and style so that it may be reflected in the images I make to the point that it evokes an emotional response in the viewer.

To this end, it is of course necessary to share one's output with others. Hence this website and also my occasional practice of entering photography competitions. This can generate useful feedback from friends, family, the general public and last but not least, professional photographers - endorsement from such quarters being something especially rewarding and encouraging to the amateur.

You will notice (or may have noticed already) that my pictures have almost exclusively been captured in Wales. This is mainly due to my geographical location on the fringe of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales and has nothing to do with my tongue in cheek opening paragraph! I suppose health, financial considerations and age have also been contributing factors. I do however hope that my sixty-two year old frame might endure long enough to take me across some borders so that I may see some of Britain's iconic landscapes, hitherto seen only two-dimensionally, in all their glory.

Finally, I must confess to a failing in my make-up as one who aspires to take his photography from mere postcard snaps to something approaching art. Grey and wet days daunt me. They conspire to stifle my creativity and snuff out my motivation. The trouble is we get so many of them here in upland Wales. I know that on these days one might experience a wonderful moment of exquisite transient light around dawn or sunset but the will to get out there for those fleeting seconds often eludes me. Hands up, I confess, I'm a 'blue sky and sunshine guy'! I am trying hard to overcome this phobia and have occasionally been reasonably successful.

I have many more photographs to add to this collection and I will periodically be adding them in the 'Latest Additions' gallery so please keep an eye out for them. These will in due course be absorbed into the relevant gallery category. New images will also be added in the same manner.

I hope you enjoy the tour. Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave feedback via the 'contact' button - it would be very much appreciated. Thanks again.

With very best regards,